Sofia Bari Pumpkin Pet Hair Brush

Sofia Bari Pumpkin Pet Hair Brush

Sofia Bari Pumpkin Pet Hair Brush

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Sofia Bari Pumpkin Pet Hair Brush - The Only Groom Tool You'll Ever Need!


Pulling your hair out for your furry friend’s loose hair?


Our Sofia Bari Pumpkin Pet Brush clears your fur baby’s fluffy, stubborn undercoat in a breeze, allowing you to enjoy quality playtime with your favorite housemates. Keep those annoying flying fur out of your furniture and clothes and straight into the trash! 



Here’s How:
  • Push and Pop! - As fellow fur parents, we’ve always had a hard time trying to remove the hairs caught in those ordinary slicker brushes. With the Pumpkin Pet Brush, every furball is pushed out with a simple press of a button. 




  • Made for Comfort! - Reward your pet with a first-class spa treatment at the luxury of your own space. 232 10mm high-density brush teeth with HTPE tip points acts like a gentle massage that will make them go purr!


  • More Grip, Less Slip! - Anti-static bristles curved in 140 degrees provide maximum comfort that fits right in your hands. Enjoy hours of petting time with an ergonomic, non-slip handle inspired by ancient Roman architecture.    


  • Built to Last! - Enjoy years of service with durability made for everyday playtime. Stainless steel needle combs housed in high-quality ABS materials mean there will be no cleaning troubles even when washed with water. 


  • Eye-Candy Design! - The perfect gift for all your fellow pet lovers. Choose from various modish, contemporary colors that ideally fit your modern taste. A unique blend of form and function made for the warm fuzzies. 

So if you’re looking for a simple, effective tool that takes the hassle away from cleaning up your pet’s loose hair, then look no further. The Pumpkin Pet Brush has got you covered - and not with those floating fur! 

Order yours today and take your first steps towards a hassle-free experience!



  • Size: 20.2*8.5*7cm
  • Packing list: 1* Sofia Bari Pumpkin Pet Hair Brush




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